Trigg Island SLSC has a proud history as a strongly competitive club in all disciplines.

The club offers athletes the chance to compete in areas including Ironman, Boats, Board, Running, Ski, Swim, Rescue & Resuscitation, March past and Lifesaving Events, which encompass all ages and abilities.

The Club offers professional coaching to all levels of skill and membership and our Junior Development program is helping our next generation of athletes develop to their full potential. Trigg Island aims to incorporate all skill levels, so whether you’re just starting out, or an experienced athlete, Trigg Island SLSC is the place to develop your competitive talents.

Surf Sports competition offers members the chance to test their skills and fitness against the very best lifesavers from around the country at various local, interstate and world carnivals. The Australian Championships are generally held in Queensland. The chance to travel interstate to compete at a National level means there has never been a more exciting time to get involved in Surf Sports and competition at Trigg Island SLSC.

During the season, Trigg Island SLSC holds a “club day” every Sunday at 9:30am, in which surf events & swims are held. All members are encouraged to attend Sunday mornings, as it offers the chance to socialise and test your skills against your peers.

To compete in Surf Sports competitions, members must have a minimum qualification of either a Surf Rescue Certificate (Juniors) or a Bronze Medallion, and must meet the patrol hour requirements according to their membership category to compete.

If you have any questions regarding Surf Sports, contact the Director of Surf Sports or the relevant sport category manager.

Details regarding upcoming Sport Sports events are listed in the What’s On section of this website.