Charged with responsibility of patrolling one of Perth’s most popular and notorious beach destinations, Trigg Island SLSC continues to provide the public with a first class lifesaving service through education, prevention and if need be, rescue and resuscitation.

Trigg Island lifesavers patrol the stretch of coastline from just North of Trigg Island, to the southern Trigg carpark. There are a number of hazards, including rocky outcrops, reefs and the infamous ‘Blue Hole’ that keep the Lifesavers on their toes.

Trigg Island lifesavers are on duty every weekend and public holiday during the patrolling season, which starts at the end of September and continues through till the end of March each year.

The club provides all ages with the necessary skills and knowledge about water and beach safety, first aid and community service to fulfil this mission. All active members who hold a current Surf Lifesaving Australia Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion are allocated to a Patrol and regularly perform patrol duties at the beach.

During each patrolling season, Trigg Island lifesavers perform hundreds of rescues, first aid treatments and preventative actions and thus far, have been successful in ensuring that there is no loss of life in between the patrol flags.