Age Group Managers are responsible for the care, safety, well being and development of their allocated group of Nipper members.

They are responsible for facilitating the development of surf lifesaving skills (movement skills, surf awareness, etc.) and personal skills (e.g. confidence, teamwork, leadership, etc). They play a fundamental role in the delivery of a learning program that encourages and develops young surf lifesavers.

We are always on the lookout for suitable people interested in growing and developing our Nippers, by becoming an Age Group Manager at the club. While Age Group Managers may not initially have all the skills and understandings required to deliver 100% of the program, support will be provided, and managers are also encouraged to seek out and use the expertise from within the club.

To be considered by the club as an Age Group Manager, you will need to demonstrate:

  • A willingness to take the responsibility for the learning of a group.
  • An ability to provide a positive role model.
  • An ability to ensure the safety and well being of the group.
  • A willingness to develop your own knowledge of surf lifesaving.
  • An undertaking to work as part of a team.
  • A willingness to take time to plan and prepare to ensure success.
  • An ability to instil enjoyment and fun in what you do.

Want to apply to be an Age Group Manager?
Being an Age Group Manager is both challenging and fun. Interested people should initially contact our Director of Junior Activities, or one of the existing Age Group Managers to find out more about what is required, their contact details are listed in the Contact Us section of this website.