After a successful number of years at Swanbourne-Nedlands SLSC, Chippy joined Trigg Island in the 1973/74 season.

Chippy had established himself as a top Rescue & Resuscitation (R&R) coach.  It wasn’t long before Trigg started winning Gold at Carnivals and State Championships.  He continued to coach our Senior R&R team right up to 1998 and cemented Trigg Island as a club respected by all along the coast.

Chippy apart from R&R has another passion that of Surf Belt racing, he ha for many years arranged and trained teams and individuals on the required techniques.  He has spent countless hours teaching both linesmen and reelmen which in turn helped Trigg winning many State Surf Belt titles, he continues coaching our members today.

He also was part of the Trigg Island Golden Oldies March Past team winning many gold medals.

When he first started at Trigg he took on the role of handicapper which he held for a few years until he asked the lat Bill Rice to take it over which was a great find as he was Club Handicapper for 27 years.  Chippy helped out many times conducting and assisting club swims over the years including the Blue Hole Club.

Over the last few years despite not enjoying good health he continues to play an active role on the beach.

Honoured with Life Membership in 2019.