President 2006-09, Vice President 1998-06, Director of Junior Activities 1995-97, Club Captain 1989-90 & 1993-94, Chief Instructor 1986-89

Joined as a “nipper” in the late 70s. And quickly shone, as shown by the following:

  • Best U16 Clubman 1983
  • Best U18 Clubman 1984
  • Best Clubman 1988
  • Patrol Captain1986-87
  • Patrol Officer/Vice Captain 1991-93
  • Captain Junior Touring Team to U.S.A. 1984-85
  • Lifesaver of the Year 1987 & 1988
  • Patrol Captain of the Year 1987 & 1988
  • Young Achiever of the Year for Community Service 1988

He is also an Examiner, is on the Constitution Committee and was on the Disciplinary Committee in 1998-2009. Level One Coach, and a Level 3 Competition Official, refereeing Junior States Championships for many years. Involved in a rescue with fellow clubbie Justin Meldrum in 1994, both being recognised with Heroes of the Surf Awards.

Awarded Life Membership in 2005, 20 years after his father John was accorded this honour, and State Life Member in 2008, a pairing that is unlikely to be repeated.

Currently a member of the Life Membership Committee.