President 1994-98, Vice President 1993-94,Director of Finance 1998-99,  Club Captain 1991-93, Chief Instructor1985-86

For a beginning in Surf Lifesaving as a young “brat” at the tender age of 10, “Akko” arguably achieved more in an administrative sense for the club, than any member in our history.

Peter showed a remarkable dedication to Surf Lifesaving very early on, when at age 15 along with his mate Patrick O’Connor, in one season (77-78), they jointly clocked up a staggering 900 patrol hours, a record that will be probably never be beaten. His unbending interest in the club showed up in his eagerness to take on various positions, such as I.R.B. Officer, Radio Officer, Patrol Officer etc in the early ’80s.

A strong advocate of patrols, Peter was instrumental in our winning the Ivor Birtwhistle trophy for Patrol Efficiency in 1992, the first time in 13 years, and again in 1993.

As well as those positions listed above, he was on several other committees in the ’90s, such as
Disciplinary Committee, Building Committee, Life Membership Committee, Uncle Tobys Committee, I.R.B. Captain, Social Committee, Constitution Committee and P.R. Sponsorship. He was Best Clubman in 1993, and was a State examiner in 2000-02.

The results of this dedication resulted in many honours and achievements, both personally and for the club. The first of these was to disabuse anyone of the mindset that Trigg was always going to be 4th at the State Titles after the unbeaten records of City of Perth, Cottesloe and Scarboro. The record since our first State Titles in 1997 speaks for itself. He was also the architect of the Board structure which was a radical change from the previous “vertical” system of decision making.

He took a great interest in I.R.B. Competition being at different stages coach, captain or manager of touring teams from 1992 until the hiatus of this competition in 2001. After strong lobbying at National level, Peter was successful in Trigg Island hosting the first I.R.B. National Titles in 1997. He also brought great respect to the Club in being strongly involved in the three year (94, 95 and 97) that the club hosted the Uncle Toby’s with much distinction.

He went on to be State Volunteer of the Year in 1996, and repeated the feat at National level in the same year, and was honoured by the club with Life Membership in 1999. In the same year he received a Gold Service Award from the City of Stirling.

At State level, Peter was on the Coaching Advisory Panel and chairman of the I.R.B. Committee and Director of Strategic Planning. The then State President Wally Fry regarded Peter’s leadership skills so highly that he nominated him for State Presidency, a role Peter took on in 2001. Unfortunately career aspirations truncated that when Peter left for Melbourne, but more recently he and his family reside in Sydney.