President 1953-1958 and 1961-62,  Inaugural Secretary 1953

As another of the “rebels” that came from Scarboro Club to start our Club, Tony’s occupation was a policeman and one of the most colourful and innovative characters one could ever meet. He was utterly ruthless in combating the initial disinterest from both the State Centre and from the Perth Road Board (now Stirling City Council) in establishing the club. Not above using his status of fearsome copper to “shanghai” local larrikins into channelling their energies to a better cause, he also pummelled the media of the day into writing about the club on every conceivable occasion..

He was the “perfect” president of the club at a time when energy and focus had to be relentless, treating hardship (no premises, little gear etc) and obstinacy as welcome challenges. Apart from the presidency, he occupied a number of other roles in promoting the club. When he saw his work was largely done, he was happy to hand over the reins to younger men, and turned his energies to helping with the formation of other clubs, Sorrento, Mullaloo and Yanchep.

He was awarded Life Membership in 1958, and died in 2004.