Locate your required contact in our Juniors program in the table below.

DIRECTOR OF JUNIOR ACTIVITIESKevin Duguidjuniors@triggisland.com
Under 6 Officeru6@triggisland.com
Under 7 OfficerRenae Liddellu7@triggisland.com
Under 7 OfficerJacob Smithu7@triggisland.com
Under 8 OfficerRisma Priceu8@triggisland.com
Under 8 Officeru8@triggisland.com
Under 9 OfficerDonna Zaffinou9@triggisland.com
Under 9 OfficerTim Carru9@triggisland.com
Under 10 OfficerAdam Yeou10@triggisland.com
Under 10 OfficerKirk Phillipsu10@triggisland.com
Under 11 OfficerRobert Walkeru11@triggisland.com
Under 11 Officeru11@triggisland.com
Under 12 OfficerHayden Marchettou12@triggisland.com
Under 12 Officeru12@triggisland.com
Under 13 OfficerNick Straightu13@triggisland.com
Under 13 OfficerSam McManisu13@triggisland.com
Junior Equipment ManagerPeter Taylor
Junior Lifesaving & Education ManagerBryan Gibbs
Junior Coaching & Competition ManagerLara Taylor
Junior Water Safety Coordinator
Junior Function Coordinator
Junior Administration OfficerAdam Yeo