Life Membership can be granted by the club to any member over the age of 30 years who has rendered outstanding service to the club, and has a minimum 15 years membership (excluding Junior membership).

Outstanding service is based upon excelling in the performance of duties required as an Office Bearer and/or efficient Patrol service during membership and/or outstanding competitive service and/or special service.

Current Trigg Island SLSC members have the ability to nominate to the Life Membership committee, any member/s who they believe fulfils the above criteria.

We recognise the following members, who have helped build the club to what it is today.

Click on each members name to reveal their profile.

2019 – BL Meldrum

Joined Scarboro SLSC in September 1994 and gained her Bronze Medallion shortly thereafter.

She joined Trigg Island in 1998/99 season and obtained her Examiner’s Certificate and Level One Officials Certificate during her first year.  The following year she took on the position of Under 18 Officer.  She has volunteered as a VN6SA Radio operator.

In 2001/02 season joined the Board of Directors as Director of Education which she held for 2 years and the following year became our Administration Officer.  In season 2005/06 held the position of Director of Social Activities followed by two years as Director of Administration including another dual role of Director of Social Activities.  In 2008/09 season saw her take on the position of Director of Junior Activities.

Has also held roles as joint Under 15 and Under 17 Officer and for many years was a State Centre assessor.

Has been the IRB Racing Team Manager for a number of years. During the past four years has organised and managed our Pool Rescue Championships teams at both State and National level.  Bronwyn has also been selected as the Assistant Manger of the SLSWA Western Suns Pool Rescue State Team in 2018 and 2019.

You would have seen her during the last several years as a Surf Official again and of late a Senior Official at both Nipper and Senior carnivals.

Finally in March 2013 she took on the role of Club Administrator which she continues to this day.  She also plays a major role in the club outside of her Club Administration role.

Honoured with Life Membership in 2019.


2019 – JM Taylor

Started in Surf Lifesaving as a member at Torquay Victoria and then Cottesloe where she gained her Bronze Medallion on 6th July 1980.

She was part of the first female group in Western Australia and second female group in Australia to gain her Bronze.

She joined Trigg Island in 1998, immediately became involved and took on the role of Junior Education Officer which she held for four years.

Jenny has been an Age Group Manager on numerous occasions, has also held the Junior Coaching and Competition Manager a couple of times and also under 14&15 Officer a number of years. She has been a keen and consistent patrolling member and has also been a fine competitor both in Masters and March Past.

Has represented the club as a carnival official at State and National levels for a very long time.

Has also been an instructor and examiner within the club her entire time at Trigg and still assists today.

Jenny competed against males in the earlier years but has competed in female events from 1985.  Winning a couple of Australian Masters Bronze medals in board racing being her highlight.  Jenny is still active in competition today.

But her willingness to work with our Nipper and Youth members to develop their lifesaving skills that stand out.  Education and the welfare and development of our Youth is a lasting long-term contribution which she continues to this day.

Honoured with Life Membership in 2019.

2019 – DG Greenhill

After a successful number of years at Swanbourne-Nedlands SLSC, Chippy joined Trigg Island in the 1973/74 season.

Chippy had established himself as a top Rescue & Resuscitation (R&R) coach.  It wasn’t long before Trigg started winning Gold at Carnivals and State Championships.  He continued to coach our Senior R&R team right up to 1998 and cemented Trigg Island as a club respected by all along the coast.

Chippy apart from R&R has another passion that of Surf Belt racing, he ha for many years arranged and trained teams and individuals on the required techniques.  He has spent countless hours teaching both linesmen and reelmen which in turn helped Trigg winning many State Surf Belt titles, he continues coaching our members today.

He also was part of the Trigg Island Golden Oldies March Past team winning many gold medals.

When he first started at Trigg he took on the role of handicapper which he held for a few years until he asked the lat Bill Rice to take it over which was a great find as he was Club Handicapper for 27 years.  Chippy helped out many times conducting and assisting club swims over the years including the Blue Hole Club.

Over the last few years despite not enjoying good health he continues to play an active role on the beach.

Honoured with Life Membership in 2019.

2017 – JP Rhatigan

Junior Water Safety Officer 1994-2002; Bronze Coordinator 2002-2005; Advanced Awards

Coordinator 2005-2008; Patrol Education Officer 2008-2009; Life Saving Manager 2009 – Current

John joined the club in 1992 and immediately got involved by gaining his Bronze Medallion. In the 1994/95 season John took on the role of Junior Water Safety Officer, supervising the safety of all nippers on Sunday mornings. He did this role for a total of nine years. Following that John held various roles including three years as Bronze Coordinator, three years as Advanced Award Coordinator,2 years as Patrol Education Officer and three years as Life Saving Manager.

John has an exceptional patrolling record having averaged 35 hours a season over a 24 year period. Outside of Trigg, John also attend Bronze examinations at other metropolitan clubs that seek him out for his knowledge and fairness as an independent assessor. During the off season while spending time in Broome with his family he has regularly helped the local club there as a trainer and assessor. As a result of the above it is clear why he has been awarded Life Membership in 2017.

2017 – P Attenborough

Club Captain 2003 – 2007 5 years

Paul is one of the many Parents who joined the Club when their children became involved. This was earlier than our records reflected, as he was helping out as a Parent Helper in the Junior Division.

In January 1994 Paul gained his Bronze Medallion & was under 11 age group manager. He continued as an age group manager for a further 3 years, moving up a year each season.

In 1998/99 he took on the crucial role of Under 16 Officer which he held for 2 years, then moved on to the Under 19 Officers position which he held for 3 years.

In 2003/04 he took on the arduous role of Club Captain which he continued in for 5 years.

Other positions held by Paul included Youth Patrol Co-ordinator for 2 years & Director of Social Activities.

Since obtaining his Bronze in 1994, apart from last year due to injury, Paul has been doing Patrols for close to 23 years. He has averaged over 35 hours on Patrol per season for the last 10 years, where he has held the positions of Vice Patrol Captain & Patrol Captain during this period.

Paul has now retired from the Workforce & has joined the “Old Boys Brigade”, & most mornings is at the Club sweeping out the Boat Shed, First aid Room & doing any odd jobs around the Club

Honoured with Life Membership in 2017.

2017 – WN Vanalopulos

Director Junior Activities 1998 – 2002, Vice President/Director of Life Saving and Education 2009- 12

Warren first became involved in club activities in 1994/1995 season when he was elected Under 9 Age Group Manager to support his daughter who had just joined the Nippers.

Since then he been an active member and office holder in the club and has also made a valuable contribution at a State and national level of surf life saving

Warren has always been major contributor to youth welfare and activities and has held many positions, including Under 9, 11 and 12 Group Manager, Director of Junior Activities, Junior Education Officer and Junior Equipment Manager. During this time, he instigated a program for training juniors for their Surf Rescue Certificate which won him national recognition.

Warren was the Director of Juniors from 1998-2002 and Vice President/Director of Life Saving and Education from 2009- 12

Warren has been involved with many tasks at the club and still continues to do patrolling duties and has held the positions of Patrol Captain and Patrol vice-Captain for the past 6 years. He has always provided valuable support at carnivals and in the R&R and belt arenas has assisted with judging at state and national levels. This was recognised in 2015 when he won the Bob Woodger award for overall commitment and dedication to R&R and Belt races over the Australian Championships.

Warren is a loyal, experienced and dedicated club member who has made a significant contribution at club, State and national level and was awarded life membership in 2017.

2014 – GJ McBride

Registrar – 2001 to 2018

Gloria McBride
Joined 1990 to assist her children to assimilate into the club. Graduated to Competition Official in 1999.  As Registrar has spent countless hours every season at the computer and becoming an expert in Surfguard to ensure that the records of all club members are meticulously maintained.  Has shown immense value in the administrative area of the office, and to State Centre.

Has also made a valuable contribution to officiating at Senior and Junior Carnivals as an official since being accredited.

Honoured with Life Membership in 2014.

2014 – NF Waldeck

Under 16 Officer – 1993-98, Youth Development Officer – 1998-99, Director Youth Development – 1999-2006, Under 19 Officer – 2008-09, Aussies Team Manager – 2009 to Current

Norm WaldeckJoined 1993 following involvement with baseball at the suggestion of then Trigg Secretary Joanne Bennett.  Immediately saw that youth development was the key to Trigg’s future in success at State and Australian Championships. Led a vigorous Youth Development program ensuring that our youth attended Rotary camps, Leadership forums, SLSAWA Rise up camps, National Development camps and even assisted members on International Exchange programs. His method is to deal with a young person in all things in their life not just those related to surf lifesaving. This encompasses such things as home life, work aspirations, peer relationships and anything at all that will distract them from enjoying themselves at the club and fulfilling their obligations.

This strategy has played a major role in the club winning so many State Titles. Continues to work tirelessly as Aussie Teams Manager and is highly respected for his ability to relate to everyone he deals with.

Honoured with Life Membership in 2014.

2011 – JW Meldrum


Director of Lifesaving 1995-98

Joined 1982 at age 15

Gained IRB Crewman and IRB Driver’s Awards in 1984, he went on to hold the position of IRB Officer for over 8 years during the late 80s and early 90s. Gained

IRB Instructors in 1987, and the following year his IRB Examiners. His involvement continued on a State basis, being Assessor, Scrutineer, Selector and State Beach Operations Officer. Awarded W.A. Surf Lifesaver of the Year in 1995.

Justin (along with fellow Life Member Dave Somers) was awarded a Heroes of the Surf Award by National Council on 24th October 1994, after a late evening rescue near Scarboro of a deranged man.

He has strongly represented the Club at State and National IRB Carnivals for many years since the early 90s when our club began IRB Racing in earnest and continues to take a strong, mentoring role in this area.

In addition to Director of Lifesaving (3 years), he was Patrol Captain, Property Officer, Gear Officer and Radio Officer in 1991-92, Patrol Officer in 1995/96 and involved on the Catering Committee 2007-10. Using his trade skills as a cabinet fitter (owns his own kitchen installation business) Justin readily provides various shelving, cupboards and partitions around the club.

Awarded Life Membership in 2011.

He is still very active within the club and can be seen in either the IRB or Jetski, on the beach or helping in the kitchen.

2011 – CL Ryan

Vice President 2006-07, Director of Coaching & Competition 1998-03, Club Captain 2010/11, Coaching Coordinator 2007/08

Originally joined Floreat in 1981. Coming to Trigg in 1987, she maintained her early zeal for competition and to fight hard for equal opportunity for Women in Surf.

Apart from being an inveterate competitor at Club level, Cas eagerly competes at State, National and even world level. Medals too many to list include:
10 State Golds
50 State Masters Golds
4 Australian Golds
8 World Masters Golds

Using her well-grounded knowledge and skills, Cas spends a great amount of time on the coaching scene, boards being her major forte. On the administrative scene she has been State Publicity Officer, Surf Sports Board member, State Team selector, State Junior Team Manager and State Junior Team Coach.

In 2011 she organized a memorable anniversary function for 30 Years of Females in Surf.

She is our first female Life Member, awarded in 2011.

She was inducted into the SLSWA Sporting Hall of Fame in 2012

Cas is still active within the club mainly in the Education area.

2008 – BJ Campbell

Club Captain 1995-2001

“Boots” doesn’t usually answer to his first name, to the extent that many club members don’t know his birth name. He came to the club in the early ’80s, having previously been in the now defunct North Beach SLSC with older brother Eddie, both to get fit and to have his two children involved.

A strong work ethic saw him not only get fit, but also to become very competitive mainly in Boards and Skis. Winning many State Masters’ medals too numerous to list, he also achieved success at National Masters level, with a total of 14 medals to 2011, mostly with Mike Cook in Board Rescue where they developed a fearsome twosome, and in Board Relays. He also astounded everyone with a finish in the Coolangatta Gold in 2008, at age 61 in gruelling conditions and carrying an injury. He also has a Worlds Silver medal to his name.

He was Under 13 Manager in 1990-91, Patrol Officer during the ’90s for 2 years, Board Captain in 1996-98, on the Uncle Toby’s committee 1995-98, as well as organising intra club competition in the period 2005-09.

As Club Captain, he was something of a disciplinarian earning the epithet of “Captain Grumpy” which he accepted equably knowing that he never expected anyone to do more than he did.

He is a hard a very efficient worker in organising the logistics for interclub carnivals, also being recognised in this area by State Centre. He is a Level 2 Competition Official.

Took on Masters’ Captain in 2002 for many years.

He was Best Clubman in 1996 and awarded Life Membership in 2008.

Boots is still active around the club either training for Masters events or doing jobs within the Boat shed.

2008 – DR Motteram

President 2003-06, Director of Finance & Administration 2000-03, 2009-11

Joined in 1970 as a “nipper”, he was involved in Surf Belt and R & R notching up club and State medals in the early ’70s. Family and other commitments necessitated a hiatus in 1983, from which he returned in 1992.

Developing a strong interest in passing on his skills he became Junior Age Manager (1994-99), Junor Competition Officer (1998-2003), progressing to Coaching Coordinator (2000-01), Under 16 Officer (2001-02) and Under 19 Officer (2006-07).

As the Club’s accountant and having his own business as a CPA, it was a natural fit that he assumed responsibility at Board level as Director of Finance, followed by a stint as President. Wife Vicki gave wonderful support for more than a decade in the administration of the Club, including Director of Administration for 7 years.

He was Best Clubman in 2002, and awarded Life Membership in 2008.

David can still be seen on the beach training our Youth members in Board skills.

2005 – DM Somers

President 2006-09, Vice President 1998-06, Director of Junior Activities 1995-97, Club Captain 1989-90 & 1993-94, Chief Instructor 1986-89

Joined as a “nipper” in the late 70s. And quickly shone, as shown by the following:

  • Best U16 Clubman 1983
  • Best U18 Clubman 1984
  • Best Clubman 1988
  • Patrol Captain1986-87
  • Patrol Officer/Vice Captain 1991-93
  • Captain Junior Touring Team to U.S.A. 1984-85
  • Lifesaver of the Year 1987 & 1988
  • Patrol Captain of the Year 1987 & 1988
  • Young Achiever of the Year for Community Service 1988

He is also an Examiner, is on the Constitution Committee and was on the Disciplinary Committee in 1998-2009. Level One Coach, and a Level 3 Competition Official, refereeing Junior States Championships for many years. Involved in a rescue with fellow clubbie Justin Meldrum in 1994, both being recognised with Heroes of the Surf Awards.

Awarded Life Membership in 2005, 20 years after his father John was accorded this honour, and State Life Member in 2008, a pairing that is unlikely to be repeated.

Currently a member of the Life Membership Committee.

2004 – KD Smith

President 2009-Ongoing, Vice President 1989-91 & 1994-95, Club Captain 1987-89

Joined as a “nipper” in 1972, Karl has achieved a remarkable record. He was always eager to do patrols and to compete for the club. Significantly he was happy to take on various positions in addition to those listed above. These included I.R.B./Radio Officer (1983-85)and Vice Captain-Patrol Officer (1985-87), graduating to Examiner. He was awarded Best Clubman in 1986. In 1988 he won a silver medal for Senior Champion Lifesaver.

His main forte was as a “beachie” winning many medals at State level under the coaching of Terry Landwehr. He took over from Terry as club Beach Coach for the period 1996-2008, and emulating Terry, achieved innumerable medals at State level for his proteges. At National level, they gained a grand sum of 8 Golds in this period and many more Silver and Bronze medals.

In 2001 he was a honoured by being announced as the State Coach of the Year., and and was made Life Member in 2004.

2003 – WJ Rice

Bill Rice was never a competitive swimmer and indeed rarely got wet above the knees. He was renowned for an unbeatable record of being the Club’s Handicapper for 27 years (1975-2005), a role in which he was totally unflappable (“I always get one very satisfied competitor!” and, “the clock never lies!”). He was the principal architect of the Club’s Sunday competition program in this time and for 12 years (1994-2005) was the Club’s intra-competition officer. He was also of huge assistance at a great number of Australian Championships.

At State level he was an accredited Judge and Examiner.

A keen golfer, he organised many social golf days at the now defunct West Aviat golf course.

He was awarded Life Membership in 2003 and passed away in 2006.

2003 – RB Cheers

Club President 1998-03, Vice President 1996-98, Secretary 1983-85, Director Social Activities 1994-96

“Spadge” came to Triggs as a boatie from Swansea Caves in 1978. Was Boat Captain for many years in the late ’80s/early ’90s. His interests extended to making the club a better place both socially and administratively, initially taking on the Secretary’s job from Stan Ward (1983-85), and Director of Social Activities (now defunct) 10 years later. Events like “hungis”, the “spit at the point”, progressive dinners, monthly sundowners, the boat shed sausage sizzles were always relished by members over many, many years.

Other roles included Property Officer, Registrar, Gear Officer, Bar Manager (1990-94, 2005-06)

Uncle Tobys Committee, and Disciplinary Committee. He was also House Manager in 2009-10.

Always intensely interested in the Aussies, he was Touring Team Manager for about 12 years. In this role he initiated a “first” for any W.A. club by hiring a truck driven non-stop by himself and clubbie co-drivers to Kurrawa on several occasions.

He was recognised with Best Clubman in 1990 and again in 2003, and awarded Life Membership in 2003.

2001 – BE Carthew

Vice President 1991-93, Director of Finance 2003-05

Brian was a late starter, joining at age 40, for the sake of his family

Taking on responsibilities at the outset, after gaining his Bronze Medallion in 1981, he took on being an Age Group Manager in 1982. This led to a 3 year stint as the Club’s Junior Activities Officer (precursor to the current Director of Junior Activities) as well as being involved in Junior State Teams and as Junior State Secretary for 3 years (1988-91). He was awarded Best Clubman in 1989.

At various times he has held a variety of club positions. Officiates at Carnivals, graduating to Level 2 Competition Official with State and National experience at Junior, Senior and I.R.B. Carnivals. He was also Team Manager for 3 years at National I.R.B. Carnivals. He was State March Past Coordinator for 4 years (2005-2008).

He enjoys competing in Club swims and Masters Carnivals, and with March Past competition has has achieved 18 State medals. Since 1981, has accumulated nearly 400 swims to 2011 with the Blue Hole Club and Coordinator since 1995.

Major achievements: lifting the number of Juniors from 46 in 1985 to around 250 3 years later, co-authoring the Club’s 40th History book, updating it for the Club’s 50th

Anniversary. Was the editor/producer of “The Islander” in its former hard copy format.

Was awarded Life Membership in 2001 and was honoured with State Life Membership in 2018.

1999 – PJ Atkinson

President 1994-98, Vice President 1993-94,Director of Finance 1998-99,  Club Captain 1991-93, Chief Instructor1985-86

For a beginning in Surf Lifesaving as a young “brat” at the tender age of 10, “Akko” arguably achieved more in an administrative sense for the club, than any member in our history.

Peter showed a remarkable dedication to Surf Lifesaving very early on, when at age 15 along with his mate Patrick O’Connor, in one season (77-78), they jointly clocked up a staggering 900 patrol hours, a record that will be probably never be beaten. His unbending interest in the club showed up in his eagerness to take on various positions, such as I.R.B. Officer, Radio Officer, Patrol Officer etc in the early ’80s.

A strong advocate of patrols, Peter was instrumental in our winning the Ivor Birtwhistle trophy for Patrol Efficiency in 1992, the first time in 13 years, and again in 1993.

As well as those positions listed above, he was on several other committees in the ’90s, such as
Disciplinary Committee, Building Committee, Life Membership Committee, Uncle Tobys Committee, I.R.B. Captain, Social Committee, Constitution Committee and P.R. Sponsorship. He was Best Clubman in 1993, and was a State examiner in 2000-02.

The results of this dedication resulted in many honours and achievements, both personally and for the club. The first of these was to disabuse anyone of the mindset that Trigg was always going to be 4th at the State Titles after the unbeaten records of City of Perth, Cottesloe and Scarboro. The record since our first State Titles in 1997 speaks for itself. He was also the architect of the Board structure which was a radical change from the previous “vertical” system of decision making.

He took a great interest in I.R.B. Competition being at different stages coach, captain or manager of touring teams from 1992 until the hiatus of this competition in 2001. After strong lobbying at National level, Peter was successful in Trigg Island hosting the first I.R.B. National Titles in 1997. He also brought great respect to the Club in being strongly involved in the three year (94, 95 and 97) that the club hosted the Uncle Toby’s with much distinction.

He went on to be State Volunteer of the Year in 1996, and repeated the feat at National level in the same year, and was honoured by the club with Life Membership in 1999. In the same year he received a Gold Service Award from the City of Stirling.

At State level, Peter was on the Coaching Advisory Panel and chairman of the I.R.B. Committee and Director of Strategic Planning. The then State President Wally Fry regarded Peter’s leadership skills so highly that he nominated him for State Presidency, a role Peter took on in 2001. Unfortunately career aspirations truncated that when Peter left for Melbourne, but more recently he and his family reside in Sydney.

1999 – ME Cook

Chief Instructor 1977-79, Competition Officer 1982-83

“Cookie” is probably best summed up by the description in our Club’s history book as “the quintessential lifesaver”. He joined Trigg from Leighton (Fremantle) club in 1976, having bought a property in nearby Karrinyup where he still resides. An excellent swimmer, he has achieved an astounding record in competition, in all water arenas bar boats. At club level he has at one time or another won Senior Surf, Senior Belt, Ironman, Marathon, Wave Ski, Single Ski, Malibu, President’s Mile, Points Swim. His medal haul at State level, earlier in Open and later in Masters is literally massive, too numerous to tally.

His medal haul at the Aussies is also enormous:

  • Gold 1978 Restricted (O24) Surf Race
  • 1978 Veterans Surf Race
  • Silver 1976 O24 Surf Race
  • 1979 O30 Surf Race
  • 1984 O30 Surf Race
  • Bronze 1979 O24 Surf Race
  • 1985 O30 Surf Race

Between 1993 when Masters became a National comp. and 2011, 43 Gold, 27 Silver & 25 Bronze Medals.

He was State Team Captain for 17 consecutive years, Club Champion 1976-77 and Best Clubman 1979 and 1981. He is a veteran of the Blue Hole Winter Swimming comp. since its inception, winning more times than any other person. Willing to pass on his profound knowledge he began coaching as Junior Officer in 1984-85, and took on Swim Captain in 1998 to present day.

He is a Level 3 Competition Official, mostly assisting in R & R, March Past and as Competitor Liaison at State and National level. He is also on the Club’s Disciplinary Committee, since 2000 to date.

Recently retired (2011) as Senior Beach Inspector with the City of Stirling, but still competing. Received Life Membership of SLSWA in 1994, and awarded Club Life Membership in 1999. Inducted into SLSWA Hall of Fame, 2000.

In 2019 in recognition for his achievements of competing in every Australian Masters Championships since 1993 and winning 85 medals he entered the SLSA Masters Hall of Fame.  The club honoured him by naming the club’s main hall the Michael Cook Room.

He continues to play an active part at Trigg today by training our members for their Bronze Medallion.

1995 – L Bistrup

Vice President 1970-73, Director of Coaching & Competition 1995-98

With two Victorian clubs behind him, Lindsay came to Trigg in 1969, immediately getting involved and amongst other things became Vice- President. Work moved him back to Victoria in 1974, but returning in 1985, he began his big journey with Trigg.

For the next 10 years he was Competition Officer, the forerunner of Director of Competition & Coaching, which he held for another 3 years during which Trigg were State Champions for the first time. He filled Aussie Champs Assistant Team Manager, Team Manager, Competition & Coaching Officer during years 1992 – 2004.

In the early Nineties he developed an abiding interest in March Past, initially producing and coaching “The Golden Oldies”, then the ladies’ “Emeralds” team plus U/23, U/21, & U/17 teams. During the 3 years of Australian Championships held at Scarborough, the U/23 won Bronze in 2007, and the U/17 won Silver in 2007 and 2008.The Golden Oldies and the Emeralds became the envy and benchmark for all other clubs, winning Gold or Silver at all State Championships since 1992.

Another initiative was to form “Dad’s Army”, a group of retirees who meet at the club every week day morning to carry out endless maintenance and improvement tasks, which is the envy of all clubs. The work den is named “The Lindsay Bistrup Gear Shed”

Further, Lindsay was Gear/Assets officer for over a decade, on the Hall Committee since 1994, and a Trustee for 12 years. Whenever a fund raising initiative, or a need to help set up carnivals, or assist bulk mail outs he was at the forefront with the willing work force.

He was honoured with Life Membership in 1995 and awarded Best Clubman in 2007. In 2006 he was recognised at the W.A Awards of Excellence as Coach Of The Year and a further honour was to be inducted into the SLSWA Hall Of Fame in 2010.

In 2012, he was recognised with a presentation by the Governor for Western Australia for achieving 50 years of volunteer service to Surf Lifesaving.

Died in 2019.

1994 – AG Goss

President 1989-94, Vice President 1984-89

Andrew “Butch” joined the club in 1976 with a principal interest in boats, under the great Bob Picknoll. He rowed continuously from 1979 to 1999, participating in all grades and winning six State titles plus numerous silver and bronze. In 2000 he decided the future of rowers was with the younger brigade and became a sweep. He remains actively involved in this area.

In 1984, became Vice President and then President for a total 10 years. In this time he was Newsletter Editor 1991-92, Public Relations/Sponsorship 1993-95, Constitution Committee 1992-94, Life Membership Committee 1993-onward, New Building Committee 1993-94, State Titles Coordinator 1994-95, Uncle Tobys Committee 1994-97, 100 Club Committee 1994-97, Boat Captain 1995-98, 2002-08, Touring Team Comp. Manager 1997-98.

As President and on the Building Committee when the City proposed our present premises, he worked tirelessly to overcome perceived flaws in the building’s design, and lead the Building Committee for the latest extensions done a number of years ago.

Butch was named as Best Clubman in 1994, and honoured with Life Membership in the same year.

Is currently a member of the Life Membership and Constitution Committees.

1989 – PJ Hoar

President 1986-89, Vice President 1983-84, Club Captain 1984-85, Chief Instructor 1981-83

One of our few “nippers” back in the early ’60s, to go on to be President, Peter found his niche in skis. He enjoyed being in a mentoring role and maintaining a strong fitness ethic (Junior Ironman 1970). As such, apart from the above mentioned offices, he also took on such roles as Patrol Officer, Board & Ski Captain, Registrar and many other committee positions. A keen observer of the Aussie Championships, he travelled all over the country as Team Manager, or simply helping out wherever he could.

As President, he provided strong focus on Patrols, emphasising that this is our core purpose.

The advent of our new club building in 1993 saw his talents in this direction being put to full use.

He was Best Clubman in 1983, and awarded Life Membership in 1989.

Died on 25th December 2019.

1987 – AK Porteus

President 1982-86, Vice President 1980-81, Club Captain 1979-82

With a background initially at Swanbourne-Nedlands at age 10, Allan movedto North Cottesloe obtaining his Bronze Medallion in 1963, then Bunbury before joining Triggs in 1976. Shows great willingness to take on any position asked of him taking at least 12 Committee and Office positions, many still held. He was voted Best Clubman on 2 occasions, 1978 and 1982.

Great enthusiasm and energy put him in great regard at State and National level:

  • Examiner 1980 -1988
  • Clubman of the Year 1981-84
  • Life Saver of the Year 1984
  • Director Surf life Saving W.A. 1988-90
  • Street Appeal Coordinator 1988-90
  • Craft Scrutineer 1991 onward
  • Competition Official 1979 onward. Currently Level 3


  • Aussies Committee 1979 & 1991
  • Craft Scrutineer 2006 onward
  • National President’s Medal 2012

Was a keen ski paddler, and competitor at Club and State Masters. He is regarded as one of the best competition officials in the State, always on call to be Referee at any carnival, respected by competitors and other officials for his background, long experience and overall knowledge.

He was awarded Life Membership in 1987, and recognised with Life Membership of SLSWA in 1994.

In 2012, he was recognised with a presentation by the Governor for Western Australia for achieving 50 years of volunteer service to Surf Lifesaving.

Currently on both the Hall and Life Member Committees and you can see him most days at the Club ordering and stocking the bar and doing odd jobs for the Club.

1987 – IE Shand

Ian was always known as the “everything” man, coming to us from the declining North Beach SLSC in 1963, along with others from there, going into the boat arena under Alan White. His fellow crew won Gold at the 1971 Aussies for the A Boat Reserves.

Between 1968 and 1975, he took on a number of administrative roles, mainly in Patrols and Boats.

He was awarded Best Clubman in 1974, but his accolades were achieved when Triggs hosted the 1979 Aussies. Being a “sparky” by trade, Ian’s expertise and energy were invaluable in setting up the electrics at Trigg for the Championships, where he was part of a great team that ensure the success of this carnival.

He was awarded Life Membership in 1987.

1985 – BL Hutchinson

Club Captain 1976-78
Bruce originally joined North Cottesloe and transferred to Trigg in 1965 when his parents moved house, taking a strong interest in boats.

Very fit and with an uncompromising approach he set goals, both as Club Captain, to Patrols, and to putting together a cohesive Boat Crew. The principle of these goals was to win Gold in Open Boats at the Australian Championships. That he achieved this at Kurrawa in 1984 is forever recorded in the annals of the Club’s history. This crew was the first outside of the east coast to achieve this.

The crew of Ken Foster, Darren Mills, Rod Bennett and John Fraurud continued as part of the Australian Trans Tasman Test team which won Gold in New Zealand the following year. In 1986, with Robbie Somerford replacing Darren Mills, the team competed with honour in the famous George Bass Marathon.

He was awarded Life Membership in 1985, was honoured with induction into the SLSWA Hall of Fame in 1996.

1985 – TJ Landwehr

Club Captain 1966-67, Director Competition & Coaching 1994-95

Joined 1964, from the now defunct North Beach SLSC, mainly interested in R & R.
Around that time that he rapidly made his name in Beach Sprints and Flags, not just at Club level, but at State & Aussie Championships, and was the first of four Aussie Gold medallists who subsequently became Life Members. His record is impressive as the following demonstrates:

  • Australian Championships
  • Gold 1969 Open Beach Sprint
  • Silver 1968 Open Beach Sprint
  • State Bronze R & R 1966
  • He was also Club Champion in Beach Sprints and Flags on several occasions between 1968 and 1975.

Took on Coaching Roles both at Club level and State level achieving a redoubtable reputation for successfully mentoring State and National Champions, including his son Jason at State level, and (then) our own Renee McCabe, a renowned Aussie Gold Medallist. Always full of energy and strong ideas, he took on other administrative Club positions. Mentor to Karl Smith as his protege in Beach Coaching.

Life Membership in 1985 and inducted into the SLSWA Hall of Fame in 2001.

In 2012, he was recognised with a presentation by the Governor for Western Australia for achieving 50 years of volunteer service to Surf Lifesaving.

1985 – JF Somers

Vice President 1981-83, President SLSWA 1994-96

Father of Dave Somers, John joined the Club and the movement in 1970. John and David are the Club’s only father/son Life Members, and similarly at State level. John had a football coaching background, and quickly became involved with mentoring Juniors. He was Junior Officer 1976-79, Cadet Officer 1982-83 and was Best Clubman in 1976.

John was well regarded at State Level, taking on Junior Superintendent (5 years), Junior State Coach (2 years) and Junior Chairman (3 years) as well as being on the Local Organising Committee for the 1987 Aussies.

He was awarded Life Membership in 1985, as well as Junior State Life Membership (1986), World Life Saving Citation (1991) and State Life Membership in 1992. He is also a Life Member of Surf Life Saving Australia, awarded in 2000.

Passed away in 2000.

1983 – KH Brown

Formerly Freshwater and Scarboro, Keith has been described as “a giant, genial, salty surfing man” in his day. He was devoted to youth in Surf Lifesaving, in R & R (coached the N.S.W. Trophy winners in 1972), and was Cadet Officer in 1974-77. He was the donor of the Keith & Kath Brown Trophy for the Best Cadet.

Keith was originally a member of Freshwater (N.S.W.) then came to Scarboro where he started the Scarboro Polar Bears winter swimming competition. When he moved to Trigg in 1975, he replicated winter swimming here with the Blue Hole Club, which continues to this day.

He took on other positions in the ’70s, (Handicapper, Publicity Officer, Touring Team Manager) and assisted at the Aussies in 1979 and 1987.

He was Best Clubman in 1973 and awarded Life Membership in 1983. Passed away in 1987.

1983 – AW Smith

Secretary 1986-90

Arthur came to Trigg Island as a “mature” member in 1970, along with former fellow Apexian and subsequent fellow Life Member Stan Ward. Early involvement saw him do 2 years as Junior Activities Officer (now Director of Junior Activities).

A great organiser, Arthur has been involved in a great many fund-raising activities, such as Phone Book deliveries, Street Appeals and so on. As Fund Raising, Liaison and Publicity Officer for over 10 years he was indefatigable and a strong leader, achieving records for amounts raised in Street Appeals, and for innovations in many other fundraising functions.

He was also heavily involved on the organising committee for the Aussies in W.A. in 1979 and again in 1987. As an employee with the State Government’s Public Works Dept, Arthur’s expertise and guidance, not to mention having contacts in the right places when the Club’s new premises were built in 1993, were without peer.

Arthur took a strong liking for boats, taking on marshalling and recording in that arena. He was voted Best Clubman in 1975 and again in 1987.

Was involved for many years on the Hall Committee, Arthur was awarded Life Membership in 1983.

1983 – SW Ward

Secretary 1973-83, State Junior Secretary 1995

Joined the Club in 1970 along with fellow former Apexian Arthur Smith, both being mature age “Bronzies”. Widely known in his day as “the Secretary’s Secretary”, Stan Ward held this position at the club for an unmatched 10 years, during which time the Club won the “Haywood Shield” for Administrative Efficiency, on 3 occasions.

He was Team Manager for the Aussies for 10 years, earning a deserved reputation for discipline, and also as Team Manager at our State Carnivals.

Stan was also Secretary to the Local Organising Committee for the 1979, 1984 and 1987 Aussies held in W.A. His sterling efforts were formally recognised with a presentation of a Certificate from Surf Life Saving Austrlia.

He was awarded Best Clubman in 1977, and went on to be on the Disciplinary Committee (1992-2000), the Life Membership Committee (1993-2002) and Hall Committee (1994-2005) as well as Trustee (1989-2005) which ceased on his death in 2005. He also took a big interest in the Blue Hole Club (see Keith Brown) being coordinator 1987-94.

He was awarded Life Membership in 1983, and the Club’s Boardroom is named in his honour.

1982 – FJ Parlevliet

President 1975-79, Vice President 1984-85, Chairman Australian Championships Committee 1979, Chief Instructor 1979

Frank is credited with being our youngest President at age 26, and as subsequent events proved, the early recognition of his leadership qualities was justified. Obtaining his Bronze Medallion in 1967, spent every day light hour of every summer week-end on the beach. He became involved with committees immediately taking on Gear Officer and winning best Junior Clubman in his first year.

Urged to take on the Presidency after Peter McDonald, Frank headed up a terrific team. The timing was perfect, as these people were at the forefront of the 1979 Aussies, hosted by Trigg Island, and again at the 1987 and 1991 Aussies which whilst held at Scarborough, were jointly hosted by Scarboro and Trigg.

Voted Best Clubman in 1975, Frank was also the State Director of Club Development 1988/89 for 5 season, as well as being on the committee when we hosted the Uncle Toby’s Comp. in W.A.

Highly regarded by SLSWA, he was for 14 years on several State Committees.

Frank is still exerting his influence on the Hall Committee and heading up the Life Membership Committee.

He was awarded Life Membership in 1982, and was honoured with State Life Membership in 1993.

1978 – PF McDonald

President 1972-75, Vice President 1966-67, Secretary 1965-66 & 1972-73, Chief Instructor 1974-75

Joined Trigg in 1959 after North Beach (now defunct) and as a foundation member of Sorrento S.L.S.C.

He held 12 different positions, gained 12 Association awards and held a number of State Centre positions, including Vice President, and was also chairman of the Aussie Titles Organisational Committee when the Aussies were held at Trigg beach in 1979.

Became interested in Jetboats as a rescue craft in the late 70s

Awarded Life Membership in 1978.

Died in 2019

1978 – VE McDonald

President 1979-82, Vice President 1973-75, Club Captain 1968-73 & 1977-79, Chief Instructor 1961-64 1965-66

Joined 1959. In addition to the above, he occupied something like 17 different positions, including State Jetboat Coordinator for 5 years. Competitively, he won innumerable State Medals, mainly in skis. His enthusiasm for Australian Titles competition was inspirational and innovative.

Family involvement was total, with wife Glenys being involved with the Ladies Committee for many years, and children David (Rambo), Danny and Shannon all becoming active members.

A totally dedicated and tireless worker for the Club, Vic was awarded Life Membership in 1978. Died in 2010.

1972 – FW Mongan

President 1969-72, Secretary 1956-59 & 1966-67, Treasurer 1958-59, Club Captain 1965-66, Chief Instructor 1960-61 & 1968-69

Apart from being a very strong swimmer, his forte being R & R, Frank was also a very capable administrator. Initially he came to Trigg Island from Cottesloe, taking on various roles. His involvement in these administrative roles started in the mid 1950s and went for over 15 years. In these times he was an untiring recruiter of quality pool swimmers that went on to win many State medals for Triggs, none better than John Kulasulu. Subsequently Frank was for many years a keen participant in our March Past team.

He suffered a severe heart attack in big seas competing at age of 71, at the Aussie Masters on the Gold Coast in 2002, and obliged to take a back seat. He was awarded Life Membership in 1972. Passed away on 21 June 2013.

1969 – KT Whitely

President 1965-67, Vice President 1967-70, Secretary 1959-65

Joined Trigg in 1959 at age 26. A good athlete, Kevin was also a keen ski paddler, achieving State medals in this area, often in conjunction with Peter McDonald. Kevin showed his excellent aptitude in many roles, including Secretary, Vice President and President during the 1960s. In this latter role, he was a major driving force in getting the Club’s first “proper” clubrooms (since demolished) in 1967.

Awarded Life Membership in 1969.

1969 – AE White

President 1967-68, Vice President 1962-67 & 1969-70, Club Captain 1961-62

Recruited in 1958 from City of Perth, by John Julian who had been a fellow State Team member back in 1951. Alan’s forte was as a “boatie” and was a very skilful sweep, achieving Open Boats Silver at the Aussies in 1965, was the club’s inaugural Champion Lifesaver in 1960, and State Boat Champion in 1966. He also involved himself at Board level mainly in the 1960s, apart from the above, was also Club Captain, Boat Captain amongst other roles. Notably, Alan was involved in the successful rescue (with the surf boat) of a shark victim at Yallingup in April 1963.

Awarded Life Membership in 1969 and was honoured in 1996 with induction into the SLSWA Hall of Fame.

1966 – JC Julian

President 1958-61, Vice President 1956, 1958, 1962-63, Chief Instructor 1964-65

John Julian came to us in 1954 from Cottesloe. He brought the club immediate success, coaching the successful N.S.W. Trophy R & R Team in 1954.

John was a born leader, also taking on roles as Patrol Captain and Chief Instructor, and was involved in the new premises the Club built in 1963.

As principal of the Julian Car Company, he had many useful contacts that enabled further development of our fledgling club. Awarded Life Membership in 1966.


1959 – AE Hodgkinson

Secretary 1953-54, Treasurer 1953-4, 1958-64, Vice President 1958-62, 1956

Arthur was one of the original “rebels” from Scarboro Club. He was a keen athlete and whilst not featured often in the Club’s swim records was actually a good swimmer. He was more noted for his administrative abilities and together with a strong penchant for tenacity, was the right man for the difficult job of getting a fledging club under way.
His active involvement at Board level lasted from inception in 1953 until “retirement” in 1965. Awarded Life Membership in 1959 for the excellent work he did administratively during the club’s infancy, he died of cancer in 1980.

1958 – AP Martin

President 1953-1958 and 1961-62,  Inaugural Secretary 1953

As another of the “rebels” that came from Scarboro Club to start our Club, Tony’s occupation was a policeman and one of the most colourful and innovative characters one could ever meet. He was utterly ruthless in combating the initial disinterest from both the State Centre and from the Perth Road Board (now Stirling City Council) in establishing the club. Not above using his status of fearsome copper to “shanghai” local larrikins into channelling their energies to a better cause, he also pummelled the media of the day into writing about the club on every conceivable occasion..

He was the “perfect” president of the club at a time when energy and focus had to be relentless, treating hardship (no premises, little gear etc) and obstinacy as welcome challenges. Apart from the presidency, he occupied a number of other roles in promoting the club. When he saw his work was largely done, he was happy to hand over the reins to younger men, and turned his energies to helping with the formation of other clubs, Sorrento, Mullaloo and Yanchep.

He was awarded Life Membership in 1958, and died in 2004.