Trigg Beach is patrolled by the club during the peak beach use season. Members are rostered to attend either an AM or PM patrol period. The patrol roster times are:

AM – 9am – 12.00pm
PM – 12.00pm – 3pm
November and March
AM – 9am – 1pm
PM – 1pm – 5pm
December, January, February
AM – 8.30am – 1pm
PM – 1pm – 5.30pm


Additional Details

Patrol Structure

A PDF of the current year’s Patrol Structure can be downloaded below.

Patrol Teams

Patrol Teams consist of a leadership group of 6 members: a Captain, at least one Vice Captain, ARTC, IRB Driver, IRB Crew & and a nominated Bronze Medallion holder. There are also a number of other Bronze medallion (or higher) and Surf rescue Certificate holders. There are 16 Patrol teams plus 1 Carnival patrol. In 2016-2017 10 teams will do 7 patrols, while the remaining 6 will do 6 Patrols. The Carnival Patrol team has 6 Patrols this year.


Patrol Roster

Each Patrol Team captain has had the opportunity to select a roster that suits their team. Each Patrol Team patrols on a mix of public holiday weekends, and AM/PM and Saturday/Sunday patrols.

Qualified members are required to Patrol

If you have not been already allocated to one of the teams, and are an SRC or Bronze Medallion holder (or higher award), then you must contact the Patrol Officer at to be allocated to a team. The Patrol teams and the Patrol Roster are listed on the club website.

Individual Patrol Agreements

For an IPA, contact the Director of Lifesaving and Education at

However these are reserved for emergency services, City of Stirling or long serving personnel due to the maintenance time required.

Substitutes (Proxies)

If you think that you may miss a patrol you are required to organise a substitute with like for like awards. If your substitute does not show up, they will have those patrols hours recorded as “No Show” (Default Hours).

Make Up Patrols

There are two ways to remove No Show (Default) hours from your patrol record.

Have already done a Substitute Patrol on a date prior to the No Show


Do a “Make Up” patrol after the No Show (Default).

Make Ups are not allowed on Morning Patrols.

If you do a Make Up patrol on a morning, you will have your patrol type changed to “Voluntary”, and your No Show (Default) hours will remain on your patrol record.

Members cannot participate in more than one patrol per day

No Shows, Down Hours and Competing

“No Show” (Default) hours on your patrol record means you cannot compete for TISLSC.

Down hours is defined as not having the 16 hours required by SLSA. You can obtain extra Patrol hours by doing Voluntary patrols, Juniors water safety and Substitute patrols.

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